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happy birthday z luv [Jun. 27th, 2010|10:39 pm]

happy belated sixteenth little z babygirl!!!  i know this came super super superly late but o well, we know that school been especially busy for us for the past few weeks but nonetheless, i still gotta propose this message i've always been trying to tell you. you've been really amazing in my life, this year, we grew even closer with each other, we hung out most of the time, laughed together at retarded stuff, established imac with laura, telling each other secrets we never thought we would share, our secret hideout for beancurd and youtiao hehe, we can walk from far east to 313 and talking non-stop, stop by anywhere that has fooooood, watching weird people with weird actions at starbucks, hiding inside the toilet at paragon to talk and laugh non-stop till paragon closes, i can never find someone that would do all these silly things with me, and i thank God that this year i can be so much closer to you and i thank God you're my very very very very very good friend. what more can i ask for? ok, you're a perfect good friend if not for all your crazy antics that you act out on me (all the time), but i still love you! i've always had fun with you whenever we hung out together and do crazy stuff together, talk about nonsensical stuff, secrets and all our heart-to-heart talks. i can never find another tanzhihui. haha i love you dearest good friend for my life. hope you had a good birthday for the 2 days! the surprise and teppanyaki brunch, and the handmade cake by me and lisa and the celebration at orchard central, i love you so so so so much! and we have so much more stuff to do in the future! <3 happy birthday babygirl

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